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Art Exhibits

From August 3rd to 12th, 2017 Italian art is indeed at your door. This year the festival will be hosting expositions featuring Italian artists. Come discover their works!...

Bocce Tournament

Bocce tournaments will be taking place all over the city throughout the festival. Everyone is invited to participate in this popular Italian game. Show your bocce spirit by watching or joining the fun...

Saint-Leonard - Activities

Come and enjoy the nice activities at Saint-Leonard, near the headquarters of Montreal's Italian Week! Delorme Park - August 6th to 10th Jarry Street 7:00 PM ...

LaSalle - Activities

Ouellette Park Lasalle, Quebec H8N 1N1 August 7th Come and enjoy the great activities at LaSalle! Activities : Fiat 500 Car Show

Leonardo Da Vinci Center

Borough Saint-Léonard 8370 boulevard Lacordaire Montréal (Québec) H1R 3Y6 Info: 514-955-8370 www.centreleonardodavinci.com Events: Art Exhibits Italian Film Festi...

Parc Ouellette (Lasalle)

Borough Lasalle Montreal (Quebec) 407 Serre street, corner Robert street Click here to view map. Events: LaSalle - Activities Bocce Tournament

Parc Delorme (Saint-Léonard)

Borough Saint-Léonard 6060 rue Honfleur Montreal (Quebec) H1P 1N1 Click here to view map. Events: Bocce Tournament

Quebec Original


8370, boul. Lacordaire, Saint-Léonard (Québec) H1R 3Y6 Tél.: 514 279-6357 Fax : 514 955-8527