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Opera Tosca

Sunday, August 14th, 2016 at 9:00PM
Mastro & San Daniele
Boulevard St-Laurent
* In case of rain, the opera will be presented in Notre-Dame-de-la-Défense Church.


Tosca tells the story of the love between the famous opera singer Floria Tosca and the painter and political activist Mario Cavaradossi. Cavaradossi sends the political escapee and former Roman Consul-General, Cesare Angelotti, to hide down the well in his garden. The evil Baron Scarpia is determined to have Tosca for himself, and invites her to supper in order to discover the whereabouts of Angelotti. He orders the torture of Cavaradossi in her earshot. Unable to bear his screams of pain, Tosca willingly gives up the information – but not before she has persuaded Scarpia to allow her and her lover to escape from Rome. He insists that to satisfy the authorities, Cavaradossi must undergo a mock execution, and arranges this with one of his henchmen, Spoletta. He then provides Tosca with a note of safe-conduct for her and her lover. As Scarpia attempts to ravish Tosca, she stabs him. Before his body is discovered, she rushes to the prison in the Castel Sant'Angelo to tell Cavaradossi that he has to face the firing squad, that the muskets will contain blanks, and he will have to act his death. But Scarpia has tricked Tosca - the bullets are real! As Cavaradossi lies dead and Scarpia's henchmen approach, Tosca is left with no alternative and takes her own life.


With the participation of:

Caroline Bleau as Floria Tosca, a celebrated singer
Thomas Macleay as Mario Cavaradossi, a painter
Alexandre Sylvestre as Baron Scarpia, chief of policei
Claude Grenier as Cesare Angelotti, former Consul of the Roman Republic and as Spoletta, a police agent
Cosimo Eliseo as a sacristain and Sciarrone, a gendarme


Orchestra of Montreal's Italian Week
From Italy: Maestro Gianluca Martinenghi, conductor
Pianist: Louise Diamond


Artistic and stage director: Salvatore Sciascia
Set designers: Salvatore Sciascia, Gino Maniscalco
Assistants: Gino Maniscalco, Calogero Calandrino


Sponsored by 

Quebec Original


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