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Corpo Musicale of the Order Sons of Italy

Wednesday, August 8, 2018 at 8:00 pm
Casa d'Italia

In spring 2013, Ron Di Lauro, the grandson of Nicola Di Lauro and son of Migo Di Lauro, revives the Corpo Musicale of the Order of Sons of Italy. His grandfather, Nicola Di Lauro was one of the founding members of the Order of Sons of Italy and the bass drum player of the original band of 1936. His father Migo, great trumpet player, directed the Saint John Bosco Brass Band and was at the head of his own orchestra in VilleÉmard in the 1940s and 1950s. 

In addition to teaching him music, his ancestors were for him a great inspiration in his brilliant musical career. Maestro Ron Di Lauro, one of Quebec's most sought-after trumpet players, is the recipient of the prestigious 2014 Oscar-Peterson Award, recognizing his contribution to Canadian jazz and the quality of his art. 
During his career, he has directed and accompanied several renowned artists such as Dizzy Gillespie, Aretha Franklin, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra Jr., Celine Dion, Gino Vanelli, Gregory Charles and Ginette Reno to name a few. A great believer of education, Maestro Ron Di Lauro directs the Big Band at McGill University's Faculty of Music, where he also teaches jazz trumpet. He is also professor of trumpet «Pop» at UQAM. 
Inspired by his passion for education and a strong desire to pass on this legacy to young musicians, he feels compelled to revive the Corpo Musicale of the Order of Sons of Italy. It is in these circumstances that the new Corpo Musicale of the Order of Sons of Italy, seventy-three (73) years after having played its last concert, now directed by Maestro Ron Di Lauro with the support of his assistant Antonio Bernabei, was reborn on May 3, 2013. This new edition brings together more than 35 musicians and so far has produced 6 concerts in which several scholarships have been awarded to music students. 
Join us at our concert that celebrates not only Italian musical traditions, but also support today’s youth so that this legacy is never forgotten. 

Tickets : $30 regular and $25 student

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