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Friday, August 11th, 2017 at 5:30PM
Jean-Talon Stage
Little Italy

Bound by their passion for performance and love for music, Dolceamare is a girl group who came together to integrate passion for music with song and dance to create sentimental and uplifting performances. Their name, Dolceamare (DA), was created on the spur of the moment at their first performance together and is italian for sweet and sour, which describes their various personalities. Although the girls are renowned for their performances in Italian, their mother tongue, they sing in English, French and Spanish and are very flexible in terms of musical style and genre.

Following a collaboration for a local Montreal fundraiser towards a natural disaster in Abruzzo, Italy, in April of 2009, these driven ladies discovered their compatibility and ability to cultivate musical delight. They stepped up to the challenge by opening the fundraiser which featured several local celebrities such as Bruno Pelletier, Ginette Reno and Claude Dubois, just to name a few. Performing a classic Italian 1940’s cabaret piece, Ma le gambe, the group exceeded not only the public’s expectations but even their own.

Since then they have performed during Montreal’s famous Semaine Italienne in the Old Port, Little Italy, and in surrounding community events. They have opened up for a popular Montreal Band, Calling Broadway, in 2010, and for Angelike Falbo, top 4th finalist of the 3rd season of LaVoix. A very memorable experience for the girls was participating in numerous musicals with Pier 21 Productions, and travelling to Toronto to participate in the Johnny Lombardi Song Festival in 2008.

In 2014, the girls joined forces with Carlashes Canada as they become brand ambassadors for the company and released their first EP Aint No Stopping Us Girls. Shortly after, Radio Lasalle 100.1FM CKVL offered DA their own radio show called, Jeudi Martini with Dolceamare & Friends. This year, Dolceamare auditioned on the 3rd season of TVA's LaVoix as the vibrant duo on the show. Not long after, DA released their first Italian single, Senti Questa Voce and released their second EP on iTunes called Dolceamare.

Today, lead singers Alessandra Tropeano, also known as Lady A, and Nadia Marie Ricci, also known as Nadia Dolce, are also each pursuing their passion for music individually. They both come together as Dolceamare to share the stage during local community events, fundraisers and private events. 

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