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The Maxwells

Sunday, August 13th at 7:30PM
Jean-Talon Stage
Little Italy

It all began in a garage. The Maxwells, a group of young Montreal rockers, first came together in their drummer’s garage – and they remained there for several months, jamming and writing. By simply banging out tune after tune during this period, the band was able to create their unique sound, incorporating elements of rock, pop and punk with catchy vocal melodies, harmonies and guitar riffs.

All in their early twenties, having played music for the majority of their lives, they combine and blend their different musical influences. Their on-stage energy, inspired by the likes of Green Day, My Chemical Romance, KISS and Simple Plan, makes for engrossing live shows where the audience can’t help but move. Joseph Sardelli's versatile voice is complemented by Santino Agostino's exciting guitar melodies. Anthony Polisena’s tight, powerful drumming provides solid foundation for bassist Fabrizio Pizzanelli’s groovy bass lines, while newest member AJ Vassilakis rips your face off with blistering guitar solos.

Quebec Original


8370, boul. Lacordaire, Saint-Léonard (Québec) H1R 3Y6 Tél.: 514 279-6357 Fax : 514 955-8527