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3.0- Tuscan Holiday



Montreal,July 25th , 2008- What started as a small celebration of culture 15 years ago has now turned into the most distinguished cultural event in the city of Montreal.  Montreal’s Italian Week is celebrating its 15th anniversary, paying homage to the region that is attributed with the start of the renaissance, Tuscany. Under a Tuscan (Montreal) sun, visitors will have the pleasure of experiencing the finer details of every day Italian, from coffee to fine dining, music to art, folklore to fashion, closing a week of events with the highly anticipated performance of La Bohème featuring entertainers from the Puccini festival from Torre del Lago in Italy, home of the legendary composer, Puccini.

This 15th edition will not only pay tribute to theTuscan region, its painters composers and tenors, La Bohème will be dedicatedto the great Luciano Pavarotti, it will turn St. Laurent boulevard into the majestic landscape of the Boboli gardens, with its arched pathways and cypress trees, make piazzas out of parks overflowing with the vivacity Italians are so well known for. 

Blended in Tuscan style, is a festival of impressive savour, treat your taste buds to traditional Tuscan cuisine, relieve the renaissance with performances of midieval customary flag throwing ceremonies, flirt with the new fashion trends during the open air fashion show or simply marvel at people watching while sipping a perfect espresso in the many cafes aromatic of fresh ground coffee beans.

Montreal’s Italian Week offers nine days of activities from August 8 to 17, In Little Italy, Lasalle, RDP, Downtown, St. Leonard.

 For complete program information please visit our website at www.italianweek.ca. Montreal’s Italian Week is a production of the National Congress of Italian Canadians.




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